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Why Myer?

  • Safety Record Amoungst Best in Industry
  • No Lay-Offs in Company History
  • Modern & Clean Shop Facilities
  • Team & Family Work Culture

Integrity. Ingenuity. Dedication.

What We Do

A turn-key solution provider, MYER is with you for every step of the way. Services include:​

who we are

MYER is a family-owned and operated organization founded in 2013 on the principles of doing things the right way – with INTEGRITY, INGENUITY, & DEDICATION. Headed by David Myer, and sons Brandon Myer and Bradley Myer, MYER offers a full-range of services from initial design all the way to installation of the finished product. At 200+ teammates strong, MYER has quickly rose to become a leader metal fabrication, machining, and field services and provides solutions to a wide range of industries.

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Delivering Uncompromised
Quality and Customer Service.


With a commitment to quality and unsurpassed customer service from the very beginning, Myer Marine Services has grown very quickly from its founding in 2013 to become the premier steel fabrication, machining, and field services company.

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Delivering Uncompromised Quality and Customer Service.


Introducing the MYER

Section VIII
Code Division

Our team will build to any specifications your project requires. MYER Industries offers our partners the detail-oriented craftsmanship and operating flexibility of a specialty fabrication shop backed by the expanded capacities of MYER.

Core Competencies

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Jacketed Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Reactors

industries we serve

Vast capabilities, stretching across multiple industrial sectors including:


Oil & Gas

Heavy Construction






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