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MYER employs very skilled fitters and welders that are capable of constructing the most sophisticated of projects. We maintain accurate AWS and ABS welding certifications on all welders, which includes certifications in all techniques and positions up to 6G.

Our welders are proficient in welding all alloys through the use of the following methods of welding:

  • FCAW (Flux-Cored Arc Welding)
  • SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding)
  • GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding, also known as MIG)
  • GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, also known as TIG)

Our fabrication department is separated in two subdivisions (large and small), each with its own dedicated bay and leadership team.

Our Large Fabrication department takes on fabrication projects of larger scope, either in scale or quantities. Large fabrication projects vary greatly but can include products such as crane booms, dragheads, conveyor walkways, etc.

Our Small Fabrication Department is able to provide quick turnaround projects, often times within the same week of order. Typical projects include hose nipples, stairways, pipe spools, etc.

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