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Material Distribution

MYER is proud to be a distributor of Raptor Mining Products, and RaptorPlate® in particular. ​

RaptorPlate® is a high chrome carbide wear plate designed for the toughest wear and gouging applications in the world and has been tested by numerous agencies including the National Research Council.​

RaptorPlate® is formable, weldable, and contains chromium carbides in excess of 1500BHN, make it THE choice for liners or protective plating on high-wear equipment.

MYER also has the ability to supply raw materials to fulfill customer needs.​

Thanks to the large quantities and the diversity of materials we regularly procure, we have developed a large inventory that customers can lean on, even if its just for a partial piece of a stock size.​

  • Mild Carbon Steels – Plate, Structurals, Pipe​
  • Stainless Steels – Plate, Structurals, Pipe

Myer uses two of the top performers in CAD softwares, Solid Works and Autocad

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