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Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve


From trailing suction hopper dredges, cutter head suction dredges, and including all the boosters, unloaders support vessels, etc., we have the know how to provide new equipment, in addition to available and power in the field.

Oil & Gas

MYER offers a one stop shop for any steel requirements that may arise in work for the oil and gas industry. Our experienced crews have the ability to take your project from design stage to fabrication in our facility located in Mobile, AL and with our field services division, we can perform actual installation aboard the offshore drill platform or ship

Heavy Industry

Including paper mills, power plants, steel mils, refineries, and chemical plants, MYER offers number of support services including fabricated products and installation, to shutdown welding and maintenance.


With cast capabilities, MYER can be a valuable sub-contracting asset to any construction project. From large supporting structures, bulkhead reinforcement, bridge component to walkways and handrails, if you have a steel need, MYER can handle it.

Specialty Products 

In addition to mainline, products and customer bases, MYER welcomes inquiries and RFQs on any fabrication and/or machining project imaginable, regardless of application


MYER is a fully registered government contractor and is proud to assist in our countries defense and peacetime efforts. We have completed projects as a prime contractor to nearly all military branches as well as the Arm Corps of Engineers and have worked on numerous projects to major primes.


MYER has experience in providing fabricated components, such as ladles and furnace liners. In addition, MYER’s machining capabilities are regularly called on by our foundry partner.


Whether is be by providing newly manufactured parts, equipment and/or port services offered, MYER can provide assistance to any commercial vessel.